Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC)

Presentation of the Organisation
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC)CNIC is a young and expanding organisation established by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs with the aim of pursuing excellence in cardiovascular research. Research at the CNIC is focused on five strategic areas: Vascular Biology & Inflammation; Cardiovascular Developmental Biology; Regenerative Cardiology; Cardiovascular Epidemiology & Population Genetics; and Epidemiology & Atherothrombosis & Cardiovascular Imaging. In addition, through the Dept. of Translational Cardiovascular Research, the Centre supports interdisciplinary research between clinical and basic investigators. CNIC is located in a recently constructed building(total floor space of 23,000 m2) equipped with state-of-the-art scientific equipment and core facilities. Currently, ~ 350 researchers and technical staff are working at the Centre. CNIC is equipped with a highly experienced administrative team comprising about 30 staff that provides efficient support to the researchers in relation to the management of finances, projects, human resources, and technology transfer. Moreover, the Centre has a modern infrastructure for data and IT management and for logistics and general services.

Key people involved
Valentín Fuster, MD Scientific President of CNIC and Head of Atherothrombosis & Cardiovascular Imaging. He also serves as Director of the Mount Sinai Heart Center in New York, USA. During his more than thirty years of active research he has made truly outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary translational research in the fields of coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and thrombosis that are reflected in his extremely high-quality output of more than 700 articles. He holds numerous positions of distinction and major research awards granted to him over the years. He is presently involved as Principal Investigator in two worldwide large-scale clinical studies related to cardiovascular diseases (FREEDOM Study and HRP Initiative).
Ginés Sanz, MD: Head of Translational Cardiovascular Research at CNIC. He practiced medicine at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona from March 1973 to July 2006, successively occupying the following posts: Head of Section in the Coronary Unit, Head of the associated Cardiology Service, Director of the Division of Medicine, Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, and finally Medical Director. During these years he participated in clinical research projects as a team leader at IDIBAPS (Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas August Pi i Sunyer), principally in the area of ischemic cardiopathy.
Luz Alvarez Vilela: Cardiovascular Translational Research and New Technologies and Therapies Department, CNIC. FOCUS Project Management.
Luz María García Piqueres: Head of Project Office CNIC. Project Management.
Rosa Gallardo Léon:  Project Officer at Project Office and Technology Transfer Unit CNIC. International Project Management.
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