Instituto DAMIC (DAMIC)

Presentation of the Organisation
DAMIC S.R.L. is part of the Group DAMIC/Rusculleda Foundation which was founded in 1993 and whose activities focus on three different areas: 1) Outpatient Clinic, 2) Postgraduate Medical Teaching/training, and 3) Clinical research.
Rusculleda Foundation supports free ambulatory medical care for patients with no economic means or without medical coverage, offering state-of-the-art services and technologies principally related to cardiometabolic diseases. Moreover, the Foundation gives grants to support scientific activities. The institution has moved to its own new six floors building with more than 5000 square meters that is equipped with all necessary high tech facilities.
Inside Group DAMIC/Rusculleda Foundation, clinical research is supported by DAMIC, the entity participating in FOCUS. DAMIC is an Academic Research Organisation (ARO) that provides clinical trial services in particular in its role as International Coordinating Center for Latin America, heading in this function a broad network of clinical investigation centres throughout the region that currently is made up of more than 200 institutions. The clinical research area of DAMIC has being growing continuously and now includes more than 30 staff members. Over the last 12 years, DAMIC has coordinated more than 30 multicentric clinical studies involving several countries in South America, the sizes of these studies ranging from small scale to large scale including up to 60 sites and ~500 patients.
Apart from supporting clinical research, DAMIC also offers a series of other academic activities including, for example, postgraduate courses and masters in association with both national and international universities, and is currently waiting to receive national validation as Official Postgraduate University.

Key people involved
Felipe Martinez, MD: Full Professor of Medicine. Cordoba National University (Argentina). Director of Instituto DAMIC/Fundacion Rusculleda. Past President of the Argentinean Federation of Cardiology. Governor for Argentina, International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. Co-chairman of the Scientific Committee. World Congress of Cardiology 2008. Dr. Martinez has participated in several Steering and Endpoint Committees of international multicentric clinical trials. He has published more than 100 articles and has been « Invited Speaker » in more than 70 international conventions, including many National Congresses.
Alberto J. Lorenzatti, MD: Head of the Lipid Clinic & Cardiovascular Prevention – Cardiology Department – Hospital Córdoba (Cordoba-Argentina). He also is Co-Director of Group DAMIC/Rusculleda Foundation. Invited Professor of Medicine, Universidad Nacional de La Rioja (Argentine) and Invited Professor of Internal Medicine, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentine). Memberships: Currently, Dr Lorenzatti is the ex- President of the Cardiology Society of Cordoba (Argentine Federation of Cardiology); Past President of Argentine Lipid Forum (2003-2005); Member, International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) Latinoamerican Society of Atheroesclerosis and  Latinoamerican Society of Diabetes. He has published more than 50 abstracts, articles and presentations at national and international level.
Soledad Santirso, Bachelor of Communications: Project Manager FOCUS TRIAL, South America. General Study Coordinator DAMIC SRL
Andrea Salgado, Bachelor of Public Relations: Regulatory Affairs FOCUS TRIAL, South America. General Study Coordinator DAMIC SRL
Further Information
DAMIC SRL/ Fundación Rusculleda
Av. Colón 2057- X5003DCE
Córdoba- Argentina
+54 351 4888200

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